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As of April 1st, 2024, newly built Scottish homes can't have gas boilers installed. This is driving demand for renewable technologies like Solar PV, Air Source Heat Pumps, and EV Charging; creating demand for technicians to install and maintain it!

Learn about upcoming renewable changes

The MCS Foundation offer funding for customers looking to add renewables to their homes. Our renewables courses are MCS-Aligned!

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Air Source Heat Pump Courses

ASHP is a key technology seeing wide adoption in homes across Scotland. Our MCS Aligned, Level 3 course gives you the skills to design, install and service them for your customers!

LCL Level 3 Course & MCS Aligned

Our ASHP and Renewables courses are full, Level 3 courses. This means you gain a valuable, industry-recognised qualification to help you take your business to the next level. We are LCL Accredited, and our ASHP course is also MCS-aligned, meaning your customers will be able to claim government funding to help with the installation of new renewable technologies in their homes.

Our Renewables Courses

Full Time

Installation and Maintenance of Air Source Heat Pumps

This course is frequently combined with our WRAS Water Regulations and HWSS courses to offer a complete package to get up to speed on all aspects of Air Source Heat Pump installation, commissioning, maintenance and repair.

Full Time

Solar PV and Battery Storage

This combined course is for those wishing to achieve nationally recognised qualifications in the design, installation and commissioning of Electrical Energy Storage Systems and Solar Photovoltaic systems.

Full Time

Installation and Maintenance of Small Scale Solar Photovoltaic Systems

Our expert, qualified team are here to help you get certified to install and maintain Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels on this Level 3 LCL-accredited course. (MCS Approved)

Full Time

Electric Vehicle Charge Point Installation

This 2-day, Level 3 learning programme is accredited by LCL Awards. It will get you all the qualifications and experience you need to start installing and commissioning EV charging equipment in domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

Full Time

Design, Installation and Commissioning of Electrical Energy Storage Systems

This regulated qualification is for those wishing to achieve a nationally recognised level 3 qualification in the design, installation and commissioning of Electrical Energy Storage Systems. (MCS Approved)

Full Time

Trainee Gas and Renewables Engineer Course (Full Time)

This course is suitable for anyone aged 16 or over looking to start a career in the gas industry. It's aimed at those with no prior experience or qualifications in the industry looking to embark on a new career path by building a solid understanding of the core principles of gas safety. You will learn the theoretical understanding and practical skills necessary to be a confident workforce member or start your own business!

Start your career the right way

Our Electrical & Gas Managed Learning Programmes can be taken with optional renewables modules so that you can become a qualified Gas Engineer or Electrician with valuable renewables knowledge from day one!

Entry Level route available

Our managed learning programmes are suitable for those with some industry experience, and even those who have never worked in a related industry before. We can bring you up to speed quickly and ensure no gaps in your understanding when you retrain to become a gas or electrical engineer.

Get EV, Solar, and Battery Storage qualifications

Solar PV and Battery Storage Course

Are you a working electrician looking to upskill and add Solar PV Installation to your service catalogue? Our 5-day Solar PV Installer Training combo course is the perfect choice.

MCS-aligned, Level 3 course

As with our ASHP courses, our Solar PV and Battery Storage courses are full Level 3 MCS-aligned courses. This means your customers will be able to claim MCS grants when using you as an installer.

Full coverage of Solar PV and Battery Storage systems

Our courses cover all industry requirements LCL Award Coverage

Know exactly what you'll learn

All our course pages list exactly what accredited award the course will allow you to achieve! Simply check the details section, or get in touch with us directly if you want personalised advice and recommendations on suitable courses.

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