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Tips for changing your career and joining the energy and utilities industry

12th Jan.

Times have changed - the days of sticking to one career forever are over. If you're feeling in a rut, unhappy with your current situation, or just ready for a change, there are many options to allow you to pursue a fulfilling and satisfying career no matter what stage in life you're in.

We've done some research to compile a few tips to consider if you're thinking about taking the leap!

Consider your finances

Changing careers can be an investment- there's research to be done with regard to what your new salary will be and what it can get to if you put the work in. It might take some time to get to where you want to be. Whether starting somewhere from the bottom or investing in a training course to learn a new skill or trade. Having a plan for your finances will help ensure your new career doesn't come with unnecessary additional pressure. Our courses have interest-free payment options to help spread the cost of retraining!

Look at what you can offer

Take a look at your existing skills and experience. Suppose you've spent several years working your way up in the hospitality industry, for example. In that case, it can feel like the world is telling you you can't do anything else when, in fact, you have a plethora of transferable skills! If you wanted to become a gas engineer, you'd need customer service skills to go and work in someone's home, as well as multi-tasking, problem-solving, planning, etc. The great thing about our entry-level courses is you don't require any particular experience! If you loved your job as a janitor because you like working with your hands, being productive and solving problems, then at least you know you're taking things you love with you. The bottom line is: don't sell yourself short!

Figure out what you want

Look at what you enjoy: your thriving environment and where you want to work. Maybe your current job gives you a poor work-life balance, and you'd like to take more control over your hours. Maybe sitting at a desk all day is torture to you, and you'd love to be out moving around and working at multiple locations. We often hear these reasons from those joining our entry-level gas engineer or electrician courses. Prioritise what's important to you and find a role to fit.

Take action

Once you decide what you'd like to pursue, it's time to act on it. It's tempting to overthink and shy away from such a big change. Check out your options and arrange to meet with someone in your preferred field. If you're considering a future in gas, electricity, or renewables, you can call and book a tour at Energy Technical Academy and meet our team and students with no obligation. That way, you'll be able to ensure your career change is worth it - and, more importantly, right for you.

We'd love to help you find an opportunity to thrive and enjoy a successful career in gas, renewables, and/or electricity. Future-proof your career and ensure you have the skills that will be in demand for decades. Our friendly team is always happy to give advice and discuss your options!

Discover our carefully curated, accredited courses designed for those looking to start a new career as a gas engineer or an electrician!

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