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From The Stage That Made Oasis To Gas Engineer

12th Jan.

Today, we spoke to the musical prodigy Marc McCartney, who has played in some of the most iconic music venues in the world.

The picture of Marc above is on the stage of King Tut's. Back in 1993, a few lads from Manchester turned up and demanded to be allowed to play here; unknown to them, the legendary independent music boss Alan Mcgee was in the room and signed what we know today as Oasis.

So it's a fair statement to say that Marc is good enough to be on the same stage as some of the music world's best. We are very proud to say he was one of our students, and he has answered some of our questions below!

Q - What has been the best gig you have ever played?

First time I ever played King Tuts, literally no other feeling like it, being on that stage where Oasis were found along with so many others! Plus I got to play a wee original that I wrote for my girlfriend, she had no idea.

Q - What style of music do you play?

I've got a wide variety tbh, some original some pop, rock.. You name it, I'll play it!

Q - What did you do before you became a gas engineer?

Many things tbh, I always had lots of wee jobs that I tried to stick in at but I knew deep down they weren't for me.

Q - What made you do the gas course?

Always had a keen interest on how everything worked inside the boiler, I've always been tinkering with stuff ever since I was a wee boy lol I used to strip stuff apart, see how it worked and then put it all back together again so it's mostly like that but now I'm a fully grown adult doing it lol.

Q - What was your favourite thing about Energy Technical Academy?

100% the banter hands down, the lessons never really felt like lessons but by the end of the day you knew more and more, John was honestly like and encyclopaedia of gas knowledge along with David, Simon and Tommy, kinda miss not going there anymore!

Q - So now that you are fully qualified, what are you doing now?

Now I work for a company in Rosyth called RGM Heating & Renewables as an Installer and Service Engineer.

We have a part-time gas course to suit a gradual transition to a new career! If you would like to come into the centre for a tour and discuss funding, finances or anything related to the gas course, give us a call today!

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