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Renewables and Blended Technologies

12th Jan.

Where to start? Electrical, I suppose, with renewables and EV Charge points, it's a case of starting with metering tariff, metering ancillary equipment; what supply do you have? Most cases will have 80 amps, possibly as low as 63 Amps in some cases. This brings diversity into play and a review of what equipment is currently used on the property and the SPD or RCD protection to be applied to the specific new circuits. These things are a bit of a compliance minefield, which large and small companies suffer from when audits are carried out.

Then, we visited ASHP. How many cars do you have at home? as an example. When you add up the electric shower, electric oven, and chargers, the possible use of all the immersion within the ASHP installation and all the electrical things we use in our homes now, even 20 years ago, would not be a thing. Now add Solar, Battery Storage circuits to the installation, we mostly need to visit load curtailment.

My opinion, at present, is to utilise blended technology solutions for the most cost-efficient installations and installations that your average person can afford. Eventually, we can go full renewables, but the costs for the average person, myself included, are too much to install everything available today. That said, if installations are well designed and integrate multiple technologies, we can have affordability with carbon reduction and the comfort levels we have all grown to expect.

If you would like to learn more about blended technologies and integrate them in the most cost-effective ways, feel free to get in touch. Also, if you would like to learn more about fault finding on final circuits and renewable technologies or even increase your knowledge of current gas boilers, system design, and controls, we are here for you.

Our expert lecturers are in the field, all over the UK, auditing Domestic and commercial, Gas, Electrical and renewable installations. We are learning all the time, as I expect everyone in these emerging sectors will also be doing, and we bring these learnings back to our training courses, and this ensures we are always current with our training delivery.

Look forward to catching a cup of tea and a chat with you if I meet you around the centre,

Kindest Regards,



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