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Do You Want To Become A Professional Gas Engineer? ACS Managed Learning Programme In Glasgow

12th Jan.

If you want to become a fully qualified Gas Engineer but can't secure one of the traditional NVQ apprenticeships, then here's great news for you.

Introducing "The Gas Managed Learning Programme" from Tommy Smith & The Energy Technical Academy!

"The Gas Managed Learning Programme" Helps You:

  • Gain the underpinning knowledge and practical skills needed, that by the time you reach your final assessment, your so comfortable with your new skills that you can approach the final ACS course assessment with confidence.
  • Use your new skills to earn a good living anywhere on average between £30, 000 per year to 50,000 per year or more depending on your commitment, hours you put in or even have your own business and then the sky is the limit.
  • leave our gas safe courses working to the highest standards and ready for employment

... and much, MUCH more!

And best of all... you can take the training over 26 weeks full-time or 46 weeks part-time.

Become a Gas Engineer in 6 months full-time or 11 Months Part-time, or further your qualifications with Level 3 below.

We also offer level 3 in Gas Utilisation over 18 months. You can be earning in the Gas indutry after 6 months and working toward the accreditation whilst in employment.

We guarantee a work placement with a Gas Safe Registered business to assist you in completing the course criteria. Most companies in the UK don't offer placements and trying to find your own can prove very difficult indeed.

So if you want to learn a new trade but missed your chance for an apprenticeship or find it very difficult to get an apprenticeship because they are very few and far between, get on board With The Gas Engineer apprenticeship style Managed Learning Programme from Tommy Smith & Energy Technical Academy Now! This is essentially an apprenticeship that is self-funded.

Get enrolled on our trainee gas engineer course today and take advantage of interest-free financing to kick start your new career in an affordable way!

Our Trainee Gas Course

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