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The Trainee Gas Engineer Course MLP

12th Jan.

If you’re looking for Gas Safe/Gas Engineer courses in Glasgow, we’d like to tell you about our Gas Apprenticeship Style Managed Learning Programme.

Duration: 30 Weeks

10 Weeks in house which consists of Practical and Theory Learning, including practical and theory assessments throughout the course duration.

17 Weeks mentor placement working in the field with a Gas Safe Registered Engineer to record your on SWP portfolio evidence.

1 Week in house after the mentor placement. This week you will print your photo’s off or collate your portfolio as a class and complete any final assessments or brush up on any final learnings. You will then prepare for your final ACS Assessment.

1 Week final ACS Assessment – You will complete your final Gas ACS Assessments as the culmination of all your hard work and study. This consists of multiple Theory Papers and Practical assessments where you will demonstrate safe systems of work and competence. There is no Guarantee you will pass this assessment, however if you fail, we will take reflective feedback from your assessor and apply it to additional training sessions before arranging your free re-assessment. We will provide a reasonable amount of free additional training as required and a maximum of 3 ACS Assessment attempts as part of the managed learning program fee’s. Any further attempts after this will be at your own cost.

Upon completion and successful verification of all complete candidate portfolio’s which will include Mentor Portfolios, Assessment packs and or paper work, and or any associated course work by Energy Technical Academy and the associated accreditation body the learner will be ACS Qualified in the following areas.

Course Includes the following subjects delivered via 19 Modules

  • Safe Systems of Work in the utilities sector (This is an expectation from potential employers)
  • Core Gas Safety (Flues, vents, combustion, controls, pressure, flow and measurement, pipework and fittings and Legislation)
  • Tools & Equipment Identification & Use
  • Gas Meter installation and Pipework
  • Cookers
  • Safe Isolation
  • Boilers
  • System design and controls
  • Boiler Installation
  • Unvented Hot Water
  • Landlords Certificates
  • Fault Finding
  • Customer Journey

Qualifications Achieved on successful completion

  • ACS
  • Natural Gas
  • Domestic Core Gas Safety – CCN1
  • Domestic Gas Boilers and Water Heaters – CENWAT
  • Domestic Gas Cookers – CKR1
  • Unvented Hot Water Systems – HWSS
  • Energy Technical Academy Ltd accredited
  • Safe Isolation & Essential Electrical Testing
  • Fault Finding

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Our Trainee Gas Course

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